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Welcome to Dream Builders Professional Coaching! It is our passion and desire to support you in having a healthy and fulfilling life and marriage. We believe that God has placed everything inside of you to accomplish your dreams and goals. The missing ingredients are simply having the right relationships, information, new perspectives, encouragement, motivation and support. 

Individual or as a team we provide life coaching, marriage coaching, relationship coaching, and premarital counseling.  Also, one of our greatest joys comes when we are able to facilitate groups and encourage, enlighten and educate individuals on keys to a happy and fulfilling marriage.  We are both Certified Prepare-Enrich facilitators ( www.prepare-enrich.com ).   Prepare-Enrich is the leading relationship inventory and skill-building program used nationally and internationally.  It is built on a solid research foundation and significantly improves a couple's relationship. PREPARE/ENRICH is custom tailored to a couple's relationship and provides couple exercises to build their relationship skills. 

Over 3 Million couples - empowered and energized in the last 30 years! 

You can receive professional coaching or counseling services anywhere in the world via phone, email or Skype.

To be truly happy in life, you must live through your passion and your purpose. Here are a few questions to answer:

  • How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential?
  • If a miracle happened tonight while you slept that solved all of your marital problems, what would be different tomorrow?
  • What are you holding on to that effects your relationship or your marriage?
  • If you had unlimited resources and couldn't fail, what would you set out to do?
Surely, we are meant to experience love, joy, and fulfillment in life. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals with real solutions. In your first life or marriage coaching session expect to get useful information you can implement right away.  But many times it takes support,encouragement and motivation to pull out of us what was divinely placed within us. 

As your Life & Marriage Coach and Counselor, our goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Helping you make radical improvements in your life and marriage is our focus. We provide support and guidance by transforming the issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Whether you want life or marriage coaching or counseling, help achieving a specific outcome, or to enhance areas of your life; we can help you get there faster. 

If you are serious about making some changes in your life or marriage, coaching offers you a customized approach that keeps you focused on what is most important to you. Through coaching, we provide the direction, support, feedback and structure you need to thrive in your personal and professional life. If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life and marriage, we look forward to working with you. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love!

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Give us a call; we can help. To schedule a complimentary initial session, or if you have questions please call (757)404-9200. You may also Email: martez@dreambuilderscoaching.net and woodrina@dreambuilderscoaching.net

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